In the run-up to the fair, it is important to make your participation known to (potential) relations. Together with you as an exhibitor, we strive for an exhibition floor filled with quality visitors! To make your participation known through all possible channels, we offer you various tools to promote your participation and make it an even greater success.

Promotion Possibilities

Marketing materials

Through My Easyfairs you can find various marketing materials. The folder currently contains the trade show logo in various formats and a banner. Use the logo and the banner on the various marketing communications you have planned in the run-up to your trade show participation (both in print and digitally). This way, you can make your participation known to as large an interesting target group as possible through various channels.

Your personal registration link

Use the personal registration link materials for your website, email signature or a digital newsletter. In these online expressions, you can refer to the website or registration portal. Also, as long as the visitor registration portal is live, you can use your own registration link to invite your customer. Monitor yourself who has registered.

Promotion package

In addition to the digital promotional tools, you will receive a promotional package by mail containing invitations with which you can once again draw your contacts’ attention to your participation or invite them to visit the fair.

Please note: For this edition we have chosen to send these invitation cards to you on request only. Please let us know via the button below if you would like to receive them.

Unique invitation service

In addition, you can participate in our free invitation service, with which we take the inviting of your contacts completely out of your hands! A super good tool to attract the right qualitative visitor target group to the trade show.

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