Unfortunately you can no longer participate in our invitation service. The deadline for submitting your relationship list was Monday 19 June. By not participating in the invitation service you miss out on a number of benefits. However, you can still contribute to visitor quality. In My Easyfairs you will find your personal invitation link and various materials to actively promote your exhibition participation. For questions please contact Exhibitor Activation.

Your participation in the trade show includes inviting your contacts free of charge through the invitation service. The invitation service was created to make things easier for you and is an important marketing tool that allows you to attract qualitative visitors to the exhibition who contribute directly to your business. Participation in this service is easy. You upload your contact list into our secure environment and we will provide you with a professional and personal invitation with your company name on it.

Be quick, because your contact list (max. 2.000 addresses) must be uploaded no later than Monday June 19, 2023 via My Easyfairs. Do you want to provide more addresses? That is possible in consultation. Feel free to contact Exhibitor Activation.


Free invitation with company name

65% of the visitors come through the invitation service of Easyfairs. All the time, layout and printing costs you would normally spend on invitations, you save! Relations who are also in our e-mail database will not receive a mail piece, but an e-mail with a unique registration code. In the all invitations we include your company name.

Completely unburdened and AVG proof

We like to make things as easy as possible for you. That is why we have developed a secure environment for you where you can upload your contact lists with the click of a button. Inviting business contacts has never been easier! This will save you time and allow you to optimally prepare your trade show participation.


You want to get a return on your participation. De bezoekerskwaliteit speelt een grote rol bij het behalen van die doelstelling. With the delivery of a quality address file, you have a lot of influence over who you meet..


Because you send dozens to hundreds of invitations from your name, many business owners have learned about your company. You have significantly increased the chances of meeting these businesses at the trade show.


Because to participate in our invitation service we ask you to provide your relationship lists, we would like to give you an insight into how we handle the personal data you send us in these relationship lists.

Relation lists

Easyfairs values your privacy and that of your contacts. Data from potential visitors is indispensable for the success of TrendZ and in addition, it is one of your most valuable assets as an exhibitor. Therefore, we handle this in a concrete way and in full compliance with the AVG legislation.


In this invitation collaboration, you grant us permission to send a one-time physical invitation to your relation’s mailing address. Of course, we have our processing agreement and procedures in place and they comply with the AVG legislation. 


Your company name

The data will be used only for inviting your relations on your behalf.


This data will not be used for any purpose other than those related to the invitation service.

Secure environment

You upload your relationship lists in the secure environment of My Easyfairs invitation service.


Your relationship lists are deduplicated. The organization taking care of this is AVG proof.


Your information will be provided only to the mailing handler who will use the information to send the invitations. 

Destroyed immediately upon completion

Your relations are included in our database only if they themselves give permission for their data to be used.

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