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Soul Light BV

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For over 30 years we have been travelling to India savoring the authenticity, harmony and culture of this millenary civilization rich in artistic expressions thanks to the heritage of infinite knowledge Directly from the women skilled hands of the most remote places of Rajasthan the hand-made glass mosaic lamps represent the creativity, patience and colors that this magnificent village people have in their origins with the personal research and design that comes from Simone Rossi Doria based in Italy, Authentic and unique pieces that warm our homes with special energy, creating harmony in the atmosphere and in the spaces the meaning of colors has been studied and used since ancient times. Color is energy that is absorbed by our body not only visually, but also physically, chemically and psychically. The range of electromagnetic waves, through their different frequencies, sends vibrational messages that arrive in the deepest districts of our being and stimulate both physical emotional responses. We put a lot of attention to the packaging where the lamp is securely locked by polystyrene that wraps it and protects it from possible impacts. It is possible to have a customized package on orders with certain quantities.



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