3 reasons for participating in Trendz


Trendz is pre-eminently the trade show where direct purchases are made by home decoration retailers.


Introduce your newest products, brands and collections.


Strengthen relationships with your current customer and make new contacts.

Get in touch!

In three days, you will connect with thousands of retailers. These entrepreneurs need to see and feel products and actual face-2-face contact. Stimulating the senses has become more important than ever. During this complete purchasing moment you can show and sell the latest trends! Are you a supplier in home decoration? Please contact us about the possibilities!

Three days of business!

From a home decor store to flower stores, from a concept store to a toy store during Trendz we welcome retailers in the home decoration & lifestyle. During Trendz, business is done and direct orders are written. Save the time to go all your customers, and meet all your these (potential) customers here at once….
Trendz Najaar 2020

EasyGo and online visibility

Extra online visibility with your company profile, an overview of products, the latest news and maybe even vacancies. Generate more traffic to your website, monitor invited customers and generate leads. In short, many additional benefits besides the actual trade show booth. Make sure your trade show objectives are met!

It was a trade show unlike any other! Yet 60% of the orders were NEW customers. Super bold and offers a lot of perspective. Glad we participated anyway.

Can we help you?

Are you looking to attract new customers, present and sell your product range? We would like to help you by working with you to find the best possibilities and opportunities for your business.
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